The world's first personal e-safety assistant for children.
Safety: Keeps children safe online
Education: Builds critical understanding of online media

How it works?

Oyoty is your child’s personal assistant

The Oyoty app runs on the child’s phone

Oyoty detects threats and risks on smart devices and social networks using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Oyoty alerts the child to risks and threats- parents can also choose to receive an alert

Oyoty guides the child how to deal with risks/threats and delivers educational content to encourage safer online behaviour

You see your child’s progress on your dashboard


Problems detected

Privacy leaks

Including personal data e.g. email addresses, phone numbers shared publicly on social media

Online Reputation Damage

Sharing sensitive selfies, inappropriate or offensive comments and bad language

Cyberbullying (Coming soon)

Unkind or hateful comments sent or received on social media

Screen Time (Android only - Coming soon)

Alerts and reports relating to the over-use and time of use of a phone or tablet

Social networks supported




Oyoty is your child’s personal assistant, helping to address online issues and raising awareness through fun educational content on all aspects of digital citizenship.

Take a tour of the app

Oyoty app screenshot

You get recurrent progress reports and practical advice.

Issues your child can’t resolve alone are escalated to you.

Take a tour of the parent dashboard

Oyoty app screenshot

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Who we are

Oyoty is created by Privately SA in Switzerland

Oyoty is the result of collaboaration of engineers , education professionals and top child safety organisations

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Meet Oyoty, a friendly looking bot that wants to keep your kids safe when they’re sharing content on social networks such as Instagram.

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The app is not just a negative experience for your child. It also provides positive content and learning information.

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The Oyoty system aims to actually teach kids what is appropriate and safe to post, why it is or isnt, and how to fix it on their own.

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Using artificial intelligence, it starts a conversation with the child and guides them through the process of editing or removing content.

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As your child’s personal assistant Oyoty looks out for their safety through Intervention and education.

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